I am a multidisciplinary artist from Bangalore, studied in MS University. Currently practicing in Bangalore, Karnaraka. My work has developed in number of ways over the years yet from the very beginning of my art practice, I have workded in Painting, Printmaking, Installation, Video Art and Live/ Performance art. My intention is to blend these mediums into an interdisciplinary language.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Breaking the mould

Dimple B. Shah is an artist whose chosen medium is the canvas. But, “Art is expression, and sometimes it needs to go beyond the boundaries of two dimensions to be expressed,” she says. The young artist from Baroda adds, “Apart from painting and printmaking, I also perform live to support the concept of my video art projects.” She represents the new generation of artists, who are not afraid to experiment with new media and techniques to practice their art.

Dimple, who explores the concept of personal alchemy in her latest exhibition ‘Catharsis of Forbidden Zones’, explains one of her installations: “The catharis chamber, is a shower box which represents total purification of body and soul.” The piece includes 1,500 medicine bottles, ash, salt, nail and hair samples as well as written words.
December 31st, 2010 Deccan Chronicle

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