I am a multidisciplinary artist from Bangalore, studied in MS University. Currently practicing in Bangalore, Karnaraka. My work has developed in number of ways over the years yet from the very beginning of my art practice, I have workded in Painting, Printmaking, Installation, Video Art and Live/ Performance art. My intention is to blend these mediums into an interdisciplinary language.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Outside Frame -Natak Company

Lock Unlock Performance Art Project 11 

22. December 2020

Concept Note by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

Glimpses behind Isolation
Visual material is assembled, collaged and controlled in these days of presentations via the virtual channels. The preparations regress to an intense aesthetic and composed image production. 
How can this be interrupted and directed towards another perspective, revealing details of ‘Self’ in the intimate sphere, which in any way stays hidden to the unrecognizable (zoom)spectator. Details, materials and objects which may have been captured before in physical, public space, now have been edited away from the site of Performance Activity.
How does the artist’s expectation level, these days influence the operating virtual eye?
Extended: Mieke Bal, The Mottled Screen: Reading Proust Visually, Marcel Proust, Optical Instruments, Stamford, 1997. chapter 5, p69 pp
“Even those who commended my perception of the truths which I wanted eventually engrave within the temple, congratulated me on having discovered them with a microscope’, when on the contrary it was a telescope that I used to observe things which were indeed very small to the naked eye, but only because they were situated at a great distance, and which were each one of them is itself a world.”
Satadru Sovan
Mukesh Singh 

My work presented for this event was 

Outside Frame- Natak Company

For this Lock Unlock Series, In the last minute of the event, one artist could not perform, I took the opportunity to participate do the final performance for the year 2020. I started preparing in my mind while I was on the way home - first thing when I read Dagmar's Note first impressions were random things which we do outside the frame of zoom like backstage work which usually does not come in front while performing. I thought of bringing in on this core idea in my Performance work. Bring all my costumes, objects of performance, curtains, colourful cloths on the forefront. Unplanned I wanted it to be spontaneous of unlocking unpacking my materials live and spontaneously working out with it. There were different jackets, wig, headgears, dolls, woollen rolls every few minutes I was changing my costume and headgears it was an attempt to bring alter-ego on the front row. I enjoyed the process and the outcome. I responded to Dagmar's concept aptly as per my perception chaotic backstage work, Original work behind the actual performance and for me that itself is kind of real performance work Brainstorming confused random and abstract trying to match the thinking for the creation of new work.

Dimple B Shah 22nd December 2020

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Secret Colloquy

Be-Coming Tree

Be-coming Tree live art event via Zoom

Online event 31st Oct 2020

This performance is about the relationship between me and the plant. As per science and Jain philosophy plants have one sense with which they feel the emotion and react like if you play a song they enjoy and flourish. I want to engage with the plant to have a secret conversation an offering of prayer to them.

Holy Basil (Tulsi sacred Plant is my Special Plant) 

Basil is viewed as a living gateway (Threshold between heaven and earth, and regarded as the manifestation of the divine within the plant kingdom. 

I have learnt if one observe and contemplate with a humble plant which has the healing aroma and medicinal properties imbibe the feminine energy internalize a manifestation of Goddess in the process.


Thursday, October 1, 2020

Prayer Of Shaman- Encountering Catharsis

The Quarantine Concerts -Dimple B Shah

1 October 2020

Performance for Out of Site Curated By Carron Little

Prayer of a Shaman Encountering Catharsis

Ho mother! Mother Nature Mother, Earth, Mother womb...

I sow the seven seeds for you...

I try to connect with you...

I carry your weapon in my arms...

I grind the holy medicine...

To heal .to cleanse and to fight...Both inward outward

Reach out inner and outer world….

I speak to you in a language you only understand …..

The language of my soul the language of eternal world ….

I know you are everywhere….

One needs to connect …. One needs to realize ….

The presence….. ho Mother!


Prayer of a Shaman – Encountering Catharsis is performance shamanistic ritual act. It is to establish an image of the pandemic goddess who is a healer. Performer attempts to embody the body through a ritual turning into the Pandemic Goddess. The performer body facilitates transmuting the message to her and in the process becoming Goddess herself. The healing happens through various herbal plants usually my performance deals with my audience through one to one interaction since every individual has their own psychological and emotional and physical concerns. My work is built inspired by the reference of goddess image from my cultural roots but not directly portray it just hinting to my connection.

There are a lot of alchemical and medicinal plants used in my performance – like Sacred Plants which are curative and have a lot of health benefits Neem Leaves, (Tulsi) Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Kama Kasturi l ( Ocimum basilicum). Tumbe plant (Leucas Aspera)

and also I shared lemon tea Recipe for healing

I had started my ritual

A week before the actual performance for

Sacred healing. I soaked 7 grain for goddesses and sprouted and planted it. These grains constitute to Goddess. it is an offering to evoke her to invite her to our ritual. It is a spiritual journey for me. The prayer is my language to communicate and performed during the performance. The performance had also impromptu of some prayers overlapping. The sound of grinding the broomstick which is a weapon for healing the clay pot the incense sticks and the clay pot with light ( womb of mother goddess) I wished it was in actual space than in virtual world this space had to experience it was an experiential element in it

Dimple B Shah 1st  October 2020 

Saturday, September 5, 2020

A Ritual Of Transcendence

International Multimedia Art Festival 

Curated by Nenad Bogdanovic
5th September 2020 

The idea was to bring in the mundane the world in central perspective. From March 2020 the whole world is facing a very critical and stressful pandemic period of lockdown and unlocking and again lockdown followed by surrounded and in containment zone. I see altogether a different indoor world from an ordinary point of view, it is many worlds within the world. During this span of five months, I have done several performance interventions responding to reacting and contemplating of the immediate situation encountered both psychologically and philosophically. As a woman who has to fulfil all the domestic responsibilities and also look after aliening mother, I somehow find contemplating space within these territories transcend both physical and mental space by finding deeper meaning in the mundane act of repetitions of same work to filter both conscious and subconscious mind just like a Japanese Buddhist monk who believed that to transcend if they do thousand Day Circumambulation to Mt. Omine they will attain enlightenment they considered it as a kind of shortcut to wisdom.

Through this performative intervention, I bring varied layers within the spaces of folding and unfolding of cloths and its stories it will be sound-based performative work for a 30 minutes intervention. Different clothes have different yarns and different scent attached to it with memories and which strikes on emotions kindles mind to wonder in these memories. It is kind of ritual folding bedsheets to folding clothes and way one arranges them all talks illustrates nature and state of mind you are in that particular time. A chaotic house talks of the unstable and restless mind and organized well arrange mind talk about persons psychological state.

'A performative view of ritual acknowledges the emotions and heightened moments of self-awareness experienced by persons engaged in ritual acts. As Stewart and Strathern (2014) state, "The embodied participation of persons in rituals not only influences them in bodily ways but becomes the actual vehicle by which metaphorical meanings are created and credited with efficacy" A Ritual of Transcendence is a visually poetic and metaphoric act through this I attempt to Finding profoundness in the mundane is a route to transcendence. This work is processed with Jain and Buddhist philosophies to attain enlightenment. I explore, nurture, experience and share this same profound bliss through my work. It is an attempt to traverse through visual poetic narratives.

Dimple B Shah 5th September 2020

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Reporter in Action

Oblak Performance Event 

This performance was presented as part of the Art marathon organized by Oblak performance Event and Niv Art Event. This performance is my response to number news we hear and sometimes we find nonsensical news and we also see how the news channels fail to follow norms and ethics of reporting serious issues and sometimes they are overreacting. My performance is metaphoric representations of this news reporting in satirical humor. This is a fictional visual performative action.

Dimple B Shah 2020 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Nest ( Thank you Note)

Our exhibition ended yesterday leaving behind many beautiful memories and stories to share. It has been a wonderful experience and I can't thank everyone enough for their love and support 
Especially the artists and @anantartindia

Thank you 
Aditi Ghildiyal 

Video Courtesy - Anant Art

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

ROSL Arts Webinar With Dimple B Shah and Eilidh McCormick

It was a wonderful conversation with Eilidh McCormick about art during Lockdown periods we had discussed about Alchemy and medicinal properties also discussed performance works done during lockdown Period and painting. Hope you will enjoy the work and the talk


In this live conversation multidisciplinary artist, Dimple B Shah from Bangalore shares her artwork and practice. Talking with ROSL Visual Arts Curator Eilidh McCormick, Dimple shows where she is working and how she is staying creative in lockdown.

Published on May 19, 2020

Friday, July 10, 2020

Stainless Steel Nirvana -Path of Atmanirbhar ( Work process Video)

Dimple B Shah ft. 'The Nest' 


In the performance, ‘Stainless Steel Nirvana- Path of Atmanirbhar,' Dimple Shah portrays an uncanny intermingling of circumstances in recent times. Drawing parallels between the act of cleaning utensils and the Buddhist practice of repetition to attain nirvana, the artist presents a satire on the domestic condition of women during this pandemic.

Her performance was a part of the exhibition, 'The Nest,' curated by Aditi Ghildiyal.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Weitere Weiterreichung

The Weitere Weiterreichung @Kunstquartier Bethanien,

About the Show in Link Below



Berlin is on deborahsp.wordpress.com

Collaborated Work by Akiko Wakayama And Dimple B Shah Curated By Deborah S Philips 

The further handover

in the project room (ground floor) and in the Druckwerkstatt / kulturwerk GmbH (1st floor) in the Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2

Vernissage (on 2 floors) at 7 p.m.

Productive communication between artists takes place here through the further development of prints as an initial idea.

Artists who work with printmaking techniques often pass on their work to colleagues, so that the following person continues the next step with their artistic handwriting. This approach has a long tradition and is also known as "Corps exquisite". This is about a process of communication both between artists in different countries and printing techniques as well as the resulting works of art. There are limits everywhere, including on the sheet of paper that serves as a medium for artistic printing. What happens if a second print from another authorship is added to the first on the same sheet? Are important boundaries of artistic autonomy exceeded here? Or is there a dialogue, conscious or unconscious in nature?

This idea is being taken further in the project room: from 19 to 22 September there are installations and performances that embody this idea. Works on paper can be seen at Druckwerkstatt / kulturwerk GmbH (1st floor) until November 29.
With works by: Gloria Alonso, Clara Bausch, Matthias Beckmann, Viola Bendzko, Jim Bergren, Hrönn Björnsdóttir, Nina Bondeson-Molndal, MarTina Cesarz, Babette Cooijmans, Zuzanna Dyrda, Skadi Engeln, Lara Faroqhi, Rajan Shripad Fulari, Debrarajzz, Armando Gomez Goswami, Christine Guth, Christine Haberstock, Andreas Haltermann, Robert Harris, Frank Hartung, Claudia Hartwig, Magdalena Hlawacz, Margret Holz, Impremta Collectiva Can Battló, Aleksandra Janik, Heehyun Jeong, Lenka Kahuda-Klokočková, Marion Kahnemann, Jakob Kirchheim, Hans- Georg Kohler, Magda Korsinsky, Uschi Krempel, Marta Kubiak, Sanjay Kumar, Lukas Lenkeit, Volker Lenkeit, Friederike Linssen, Ronny Lischinski, David Lopes, Gerd Logemann, Carmen McPherson, Thomas Monses, Georgina Montes, Aline Moraes, Rebecca Erin Moran, Adrian Mudder, Leo de Munk, Zeynep Özkanzanç, Deborah S. Phillips,Marjan Pipelzadeh, Lorena Pradal, Marcel Prüfert, Jana Schulz, Dimple B. Shah, Maki Shimizu, Ingrid Simons, Carin Studer, Stefan Tielscher, Anna Trojanowska, Emma Troxler, Muriel Valat-B, Luih Valencia, Laura Valentino, Gabija Vidrinskaitė, Claudia Viehl, Akiko Wakayama, Małgorzata Warlikowska, Matthias Jun Wilhelm, Michaela Winter, Kerstin Wittelmeyer, beate maria wörz

Between September 19 (evening) - September 22 (afternoon) there are performances & installations in the project space with a print-graphic approach.

In the project, across generations, artists from different cultures who work in 13 countries have realized a work together and thus exciting, unpredictable results

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Seeing Everywhere

30 Sec video performance short films for 11th April 2020 page 33

NOW&HERE = EVERYWHERE is a Quantum Filmmaking project in which everyone internationally is invited to collaborate with the mobile phone in the co-creation of multi-screen video-collages re-creating simultaneous moments.


Dimple B Shah 2020

Survival and Coexistence

For Bio-Network Event on 15th of May 2020 

Performance During Lockdown

The proposed project is a response to the Covid19 pandemic situation. This project is to understanding and decoding social singular body in the context of Nature and ecology and changing the social setup in the pandemic period it is a triangular tie-up, where every individual and artist are left to be alone in isolation (Quarantined). Humans are social being and during this period we have to maintain social distancing and isolation and lonely time it creates a psychological problem. We are not used to staying without socializing. We are coming in terms of our existence and are confronting our mistake and exploitation of nature the imbalance created and destruction of our whole ecosystem. We are trying to understanding the cause of this pandemic and how to fight this. We already broke the rules of Nature and the ecosystem. We failed to understand the importance of our coexistence of other living beings. The world is changed for us; we have lost our freedom to unknown things.

Dimple B Shah 2020

Friday, June 12, 2020

Stainless Steel Nirvana -Path to Atmanirbharta

This performance was part of 'The Nest' a group exhibition presented by Anant Art and curated by Aditi Ghildiyal. 12th June to 10th July 2020 

‘Isolation’ and ‘repetition’ have been considered instrumental in the path towards achieving nirvana. Surprisingly, the global pandemic we are faced with has compelled us to immerse ourselves in this path. Isolated from the world, we are living in our 'nests' that have become protective sanctuaries for us. The act of cleaning– ourselves, our house, clothes, or utensils– has become a ritualistic practice. This time has brought us closer to our conscience, giving us an opportunity to introspect our thoughts and actions. The performance, ‘Stainless Steel Nirvana- Path of Atmanirbhar,' by Dimple Shah, will be a part of the upcoming exhibition ‘The Nest’ curated by Aditi Ghildiyal. This is the artist’s effort to portray an uncanny intermingling of circumstances in recent times. The artist's approach towards her art practice has been very profound, often taking weeks of research to compose her performances. This project has been an outcome of several discussions and brainstorming sessions that took place over the weeks and we dearly hope you will enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

193 Inches of Space - Silent Soliloquy

This was a performative video act for the camera during the lockdown period done for ‎

In_process Open source‎ to Room of Thought (24th - 26th April 2020)

Home quarantined an experiment to involve oneself in childhood memory freedom and spending time. It is also creating a quarantine enclosed space where one has a conversation with oneself with minimal things around and activities when one does, is to measure the area of space both physical and psychosocial state of mind and in silence. It is both a positive and negative experience. Where one can find ecstasy in solitude and also one finds depressive in loneliness This is a performance which talks about silent soliloquy in an enclosed 193 inches of Space.

Dimple b Shah 2020 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

A Laboratory for Survival (Performance During Lockdown)

performative act for the camera which was done for a series of

Coronavirus Artpocalypse_ The Art World Responds - 

Part 2 by Waswo Waswo X Artists series

This work was down during the Lockdown period in March and my reaction as performance artists acting as Virologist, Studying oneself as a body in the time of COVID 19.    I created the whole lab space in the Living room with all my collection of laboratory jars. It was a metaphoric representation to understand the invisible virus and how one could fight with it there different psychological state where I am trying to breathe through my hand gloves and almost feeling breathlessness and taking it to a terrace where I am getting wrapped in food wrapping foil again to protect my body but a paradoxical act where I  feel suffocated and breathlessness and finally the maketh the positive act of burning a maketh of coronavirus and turning it to ashes it very surreal and abstract imagination of virologist. 

The Appearance of the Dark Matter (Performance during Lockdown Period)

This work is a performative act for a camera which was done to celebrate world performance day in isolation organized by 

Beyond Belfast performance group Same Difference – Equinox to Equinox.
22 March 2020

This was the work when lockdown had started in March and my reaction to this coronavirus this is like an alchemist who is seeing a reflection in magical water made out of turmeric and lime water slowly changing the color in orange and then blood-red a mirror of future there melting candle drops which forms an image of virus metaphorical representation making it visible through this act and I do small act holding a toy gun in the forehead that this is suicidal what we have humans have created. I am also wearing a mask with needles and holding a doll which is us who become a mute spectator (a puppet) of what's unfolding now. It is a metaphoric expression to the present state. 

Dimple B Shah

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