I am a multidisciplinary artist from Bangalore, studied in MS University. Currently practicing in Bangalore, Karnaraka. My work has developed in number of ways over the years yet from the very beginning of my art practice, I have workded in Painting, Printmaking, Installation, Video Art and Live/ Performance art. My intention is to blend these mediums into an interdisciplinary language.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Prayer Of Shaman- Encountering Catharsis

The Quarantine Concerts -Dimple B Shah

1 October 2020

Performance for Out of Site Curated By Carron Little

Prayer of a Shaman Encountering Catharsis

Ho mother! Mother Nature Mother, Earth, Mother womb...

I sow the seven seeds for you...

I try to connect with you...

I carry your weapon in my arms...

I grind the holy medicine...

To heal .to cleanse and to fight...Both inward outward

Reach out inner and outer world….

I speak to you in a language you only understand …..

The language of my soul the language of eternal world ….

I know you are everywhere….

One needs to connect …. One needs to realize ….

The presence….. ho Mother!


Prayer of a Shaman – Encountering Catharsis is performance shamanistic ritual act. It is to establish an image of the pandemic goddess who is a healer. Performer attempts to embody the body through a ritual turning into the Pandemic Goddess. The performer body facilitates transmuting the message to her and in the process becoming Goddess herself. The healing happens through various herbal plants usually my performance deals with my audience through one to one interaction since every individual has their own psychological and emotional and physical concerns. My work is built inspired by the reference of goddess image from my cultural roots but not directly portray it just hinting to my connection.

There are a lot of alchemical and medicinal plants used in my performance – like Sacred Plants which are curative and have a lot of health benefits Neem Leaves, (Tulsi) Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Kama Kasturi l ( Ocimum basilicum). Tumbe plant (Leucas Aspera)

and also I shared lemon tea Recipe for healing

I had started my ritual

A week before the actual performance for

Sacred healing. I soaked 7 grain for goddesses and sprouted and planted it. These grains constitute to Goddess. it is an offering to evoke her to invite her to our ritual. It is a spiritual journey for me. The prayer is my language to communicate and performed during the performance. The performance had also impromptu of some prayers overlapping. The sound of grinding the broomstick which is a weapon for healing the clay pot the incense sticks and the clay pot with light ( womb of mother goddess) I wished it was in actual space than in virtual world this space had to experience it was an experiential element in it

Dimple B Shah 1st  October 2020 

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